Drug Charges

When faced with drug charges, the right lawyer can make a difference.Never consent to a search of your home or vehicle. If arrested, never speak with the police without a lawyer present. Drug charges could result in a substantial jail sentence and the forfeiture of your home or vehicle.

The Swetz-Jordan team has represented hundreds of individuals charged with drug crimes in Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond, including: possession with intent to deliver, drugs found during traffic stops on interstate 80, simple possession, possession of a small amount, forged prescriptions, and drug conspiracy charges. They have avoided trial in cases where law enforcement unlawfully searched vehicles and homes. An unlawful search and seizure requires suppression of all evidence and substances found and will lead to dismissal of all charges.

State and Federal prosecutions vary greatly in terms of methods used and potential sentences. Federal cases in particular require extensive individual attention so that you understand what potential sentence you are facing. Remember, the right lawyer can make a difference. Call the Swetz-Jordan team today.