Internet-Related Offenses

Criminal Defense Attorneys Swetz and Jordan have aggressively defended Child Pornography cases and “Internet Sting” cases in the state and federal courts of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Unlawful Contact “To Catch a Predator” stings may entrap someone who is simply not a predator. That someone may be you or someone you love. These stings are becoming more common. If you or someone that you know has been the target of an internet sting or has suffered the seizure of his computer, call us.

Child Pornography
The Federal Sentences imposed in Child Pornography cases are harsh. You will need the right lawyer to assist in your defense. Attorneys James A. Swetz and Brian Jordan will closely scrutinize the seizure of your computer and information to determine if your computer was unlawfully seized. We will examine what your exposure will be under the guidelines and discuss what this case means to you.