Sex Crimes

Sex Offense

Sex offenses vary from unlawful contact charges to allegations of rape. Many convictions result in Megan’s Law Registration requirements, which has become the modern day Scarlet Letter. In the face of prison time and becoming a social outcast, many people want to retain the best attorney possible. When choosing a defense lawyer, you want a lawyer recognized by his peers for his high level of achievement. Attorney Swetz has the experience and peer recognition to fight for you. Attorney Jordan’s courtroom experience and ability further enhance the services offered by the firm. Often sex cases are resolved on issues of credibility, and an experienced trial attorney can make all the difference in reaching an acquittal or other resolution of your case. Attorneys Swetz and Jordan are the defense team you need to successfully fight whatever charges are brought against you.

Failure to Register for Megan’s Law

People facing failure to register offenses may find themselves in that position for a variety of reasons. Attorneys Swetz and Jordan have sought to pursue every available defense in these cases and will look at your case for any defenses you may have available.