ARD for DUI Offenses

“ARD” or Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition refers to a pretrial diversion program available to most first time offenders and certain offenders with a second DUI. Each county in Pennsylvania has its own standards and each District Attorney maintains discretion over who may enter into the program. The program allows participants to avoid jail time so long as the participant completes a probationary term. Additionally, the program results in a much shorter license suspension or no license suspension. The license suspension depend on the BAC level, presence of controlled substance, and whether you are of legal age to drink — ranging from no license suspension, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. The license suspensions are based on blood alcohol levels and circumstances as follow:

.08 to less than .10 = No suspension
.10 to less than .16 = 30 Day License Suspension
.16 and greater = 60 Day License Suspension
Unknown BAC = 60 Day License Suspension
Accident involving
Bodily injury = 60 Day License Suspension
Controlled substance = 60 Day License Suspension
Defendant under
21 years of age = 90 Day License Suspension

At the end of the program you are entitled to an expungement. However, an evaluation of how an ARD would work in your individual case must come from a consultation.