At Trial, the Right DUI Lawyers can make a difference

If you require a trial for your DUI offense, do not gamble your future on lawyers without experience or lawyers who lack peer recognition. Attorneys Swetz and Jordan try cases and are recognized by their peers for quality representation.

For those who refuse a blood alchohol test…
Some second and third offenders that refuse a blood test and who decide to take their case to trial, require the Commonwealth to prove that they were in physical control of a motor vehicle and rendered incapable of safe driving. Additionally, the Commonwealth must prove that the test was refused. In doing so, the Commonwealth must prove all elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

For those who take a blood alcohol test…
If a blood alcohol case is taken to trial, an expert witness may be able to testify regarding variation in the percentage blood alcohol in a borderline case. The knowledge of a lawyer who has had experience trying Driving Under the Influence cases can make a difference. These type of cases often arise when the BAC is on the border in between the tiers.

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